Lunar New year- Happy Chinese New Year

Chinese new year marks the start of the lunar calender year. It is a two week long festival where families come together and celebrate. There are many meanings surrounding objects around Chinese new year extra care needs to be taken when giving a gift for the occasion. A few examples are, the number 4 sounds similar to the word death in the native tounge so is considered unlucky. Cut flowers are a large part of funerals so no yellow chrysanthemum or white flowers and handkerchief are a symbol of saying goodbye forever.


That being said the festival is full of fun and bright colours. Many flowers have positive meanings and send a message of what the festival is about. Orchids have been considered to be symbolic of fertility and abundence. Peonies have feminine beauty and represent innocence, affection and charm. The pussy willow standing for growth and prosperity and the water lily adding an air of good fortune. All the things everyone wishes for in their lives.

2018 brings the Year of the Dog, we’ve made floral dog collars in the spirit of chinese new year. Wishing you all a year of good fortune.


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