Valentines Day, why does it exist?

It’s the third century and our destination is Rome. Emperor Claudius II has decided single men make better soldiers so in order to keep his soldiers focused he outlawed marriage for young men. All was not lost a young priest named Valentine was enraged and defied Claudius by continuing to preform marriages in secret.

As with most rebellions Claudius eventually discovered Valentine’s betrayal and sentenced him to death. All the above doesn’t sound full of romance to make for the day we know now full of love and joy, but bare with me all will be revealed.

Whilst awaiting death in jail Valentine fell in love with the jailers daughter. Before Valentine was put to death, he sent a letter to her and signed it “From your valentine”. Sound familiar? Valentine was executed on February 14th 270AD. Many years later he was recognised as a saint and the day of his execution would stand as a day to honour him.

It is the Victorians who created the commercial success of Valentine’s day with the giving of cards and the creation of “ floriography”, the language of flowers.
It was their love of sending messages through the art of floriography that we send a red rose. The red rose representing an expression of passion or true love.


Sending  love to all this Valentine’s,



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